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Whatever industry or company you want to get into, we can help. Our interviewers are HR recruiters and managers that have worked as recruiters and managers for these very same companies.

We also offer resume writing services that will guarantee you more interviews. These services include writing your resume, cover letter, thank you letter, and LinkedIn profile. We have insight on how to get past applicant tracking systems and impress the hiring managers who will be evaluating your resume

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Tell us about your target companies, preferred time slots, industry, etc. We’ll pair you up with a recruiter who matches your needs.

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Get one-on-one interview training with one of our HR professionals so that you can reach your ultimate career potential.

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Learn the ins and outs of how to become the perfect job candidate and succeed in your interviews.

As a way of giving back to the communities that our Mock Interview team grew up in, we are starting our own Mock Interview Scholarship Program. There will be a grand total of $5000 given away each contest. Each contest will have 5 winners, with $1000 rewarded to each winner. The money will be used to help pay for college tuition, and students who win will be contacted directly.

There will be two contests each year. The deadline for the first scholarship contest is on January 30, 2018. If you didn’t win the first time or simply didn’t have time to apply, feel free to participate in our second scholarship contest that will be scheduled to start February 1, 2018. The judges of this scholarship will be heavily emphasizing the essay portion of the submission. Good luck to all the participants.


  • Must be currently attending or accepted to an accredited college for a full-time undergraduate or graduate program in the United States.
  • Fill out scholarship application.
  • All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on January 30, 2018 or it may not be included.
  • Short essays are not plagiarized and must be written by the applicant with no outside help.
  • Each winner will be contacted via e-mail, and must respond within 1 week (7 days) in order to collect the reward. If not, another winner will be chosen.

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